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My Talking Tom Friends MOD money - Tom and his friends are back in a new role, take care of the cute little animals in their new home where you can do absolutely anything! Meet all of Tom's friends - Angela, Hank, Becca, Ginger, Ben - get these fun guys together. Each character is unique in their own way, with some singing, some drawing, and some cooking! You'll be immersed in unbridled fun and get to know all of Tom's friends!

Take care of each of them - bathe them, take them to the toilet, play with your favourite characters, find out what they like and what interests them. Each character needs to improve their talents and when they're tired, find a safe place for them to rest. Tom's house and your house - everything is possible in this house, customize the look of the house, upgrade the wardrobe of each of the heroes and go on a little trip around the neighbourhood and the city. You can also play different mini-games and involve any of your friends! Have an unforgettable time with the characters in this new adventure game!

Gameplay video

Video gameplay demonstration of the modified version of My Talking Tom Friends, created and published for the page
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