Download Hide 'N Seek! MOD coins

Hide 'N Seek! MOD coins - Play a beautiful casual 3D game in which you, together with other players, will play good old hide and seek. You can play for 2 roles, hiding, or in the role of a hunter, the choice will be yours; in the role of hiding, you need to find yourself the best place for a certain time where the hunter is stuck you will find it can be like a haystack, a pond, a boss’s office and other places, as well as you can build a shelter for yourself, for the most epic moments you can give signs to the hunter or deliberately surrender the location of your ally in this way. Immerse yourself in this fun atmosphere where you will have complete freedom of action and imagination, in which you can relax properly.
The coins are not shrinking!

Download Hide 'N Seek! MOD coins: