Download Buddy Toss MOD many stars

Buddy Toss MOD many stars - Have fun playing this fun endless game, Buddy Toss has nice graphics and simple intuitive controls. You will play for a strong hero, you will have the opportunity to change his physique, as well as change a large number of costumes, change the hero to your taste. Your task is to toss a person in his hands, the higher the better! Set your crazy record, toss the guy in your arms straight into space. Buddy Toss will test your reaction and your stamina, because you have to not only toss, but also to catch a person. Beat your records and records of other players, how long can you hold out? Play this endless and humorous game, test your strength and reaction.

How to start playing? Yes, everything is simple. Click on the person in his arms to throw him in the air, and then click on him again to catch him. Do not have time to catch? Then start all over again.

Download Buddy Toss MOD many stars: