Download Shadow Fighter MOD Gold/Gems 1.70.1 APK

Shadow Fighter MOD Gold/Gems - Break into the war with the dark forces that has been going on for years and finally end it, bringing peace to the human planet and other worlds. You will play as a shadow warrior along with his sidekicks shadow pets, who will help you in battle and will be a great support. In addition, you will have a good choice of weapons as: hammer, bow, huge swords - all this is necessary for victory and of course the ability to wield them. Your enemies are the darkness of zombies, monsters, ancient ghosts that have filled the long prosperous lands, start playing and become a hero of the universe.

Choose one of the 5 heroes and go into battle. Also in the game you can choose the difficulty level that suits you: normal, hard and extremely hard. Embark on a long journey, pass more than 50 levels, complete daily missions and get valuable prizes!

Download Shadow Fighter MOD Gold/Gems:
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