Download Hungry Dragon MOD coins/gems 5.2 APK

Hungry Dragon MOD coins/gems - People have stopped respecting each other and honoring traditions, it's time to teach them a lesson. Unleash the full power of the once sleeping dragon and teach all the villagers and kingdoms a lesson. In this game, absolutely everything can become your prey, explore this big world and have a good lunch. Crush, burn, and devour everything in your path, spare no one and fill your belly to capacity! Unlock new dragons and explore new possibilities, learn how to spew cold from your mouth and freeze everything in the area. You'll also have pets to help you wreak havoc, and they'll increase your power and make you even more ferocious.

Kings have been slaying dragons since the dawn of time, so it's time for a little pogo there, too, and for an incredibly tasty roast of soldiers, sheep, and inhabitants! The more you eat, the faster your level will increase. Destroy obstacles in your way and go to completely new locations, where you'll be able to eat to your heart's content as well. Take control of a huge and strong dragon, travel through the Middle Ages and eat everything in your path!

Download Hungry Dragon MOD coins/gems:
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