Download Car Eats Car 3 MOD rubies 3.2-657 APK

Car Eats Car 3 - Hill Climb Chase Race MOD rubies — Ready to take part in a race without rules? Then get behind the wheel and try to get away from the police in one piece. Race through the streets of the big city in an armed wheelbarrow, confuse the police cars and, if necessary, use firearms. The police will arrest you right away if you suddenly decide to backtrack, step on the gas pedal, smash everything around you and be ready to face the most dangerous cars on your way.

To always win in a fierce pursuit, you should properly pump your car, equip it with the most powerful and dangerous weapon, but do not forget about many other important characteristics. Give the cops the heat, use any methods to break away from the chase. In your arsenal will be the newest and most dangerous weapons. Make everyone respect you, unlock new cars and get ready for new extreme races.

Gameplay video

Video gameplay demonstration of the modified version of Car Eats Car 3, created and published for the page
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