Download First Strike MOD unlocked superweapons/superpowers 4.11.2 APK

First Strike MOD unlocked superweapons/superpowers — Choose one of the powers and try to win the arms race. The 21st century is the age of progress, new technologies and incredible research, but throughout the day humanity has so many nuclear warheads that can turn the planet into a lifeless stone. In this strategy game you will try to choose one of the nuclear powers and project a huge nuclear cataclysm, will you be able to come out the winner in this war and gain power? Download the game and try to come out victorious in this war.

You will have several powers to choose from, as well as several development scenarios, allocate skill points skillfully, and make the right choices, otherwise one mistake could cost too many lives. Strengthen your military capabilities, build new nuclear warheads, and increase your influence in neighboring countries.

Download First Strike MOD unlocked superweapons/superpowers:
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