Download Grow Empire: Rome MOD unlimited gems/coins

Grow Empire: Rome MOD unlimited gems/coins -Travel back to the era of ancient Rome, during the reign of the powerful military leader Julius Caesar. You will manage a small colony, which you will soon turn into an empire. To seize power, you need to conquer and defend your lands from other civilizations of ancient Europe, send soldiers into battle, build defense towers and become the best ruler of ancient Rome. You will have powerful and fearless Roman soldiers at your disposal, the outcome of the battle depends on your actions, and as a result, the fate of all of Rome. Peasants who once lived in poverty will become your best warriors, and your small village will turn into a powerful empire.

Upgrade your fortress and get ready to repel the attacks of the barbarian alliances of Gaul, Carthage and Italy. Expand your domain, build up your strength and go hiking. Over 120 cities to conquer, over 1000 building upgrades, several game modes, a variety of heroes, and siege weapons. Get ready, it will be really hot!

Download Grow Empire: Rome MOD unlimited gems/coins: