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Almost a Hero — Idle RPG Clicker MOD free purchases — «Heroes are not born, they become», it is beautifully said, but certainly does not apply to our heroes-losers. After all, there were no more mediocre heroes in the world, like the characters in our history. They need help, because without you they will definitely not be able to cope, and instead of glory and honor they can only bring troubles and sadness.

Join the company of losers and try to convince everyone otherwise. Equip your team with reliable armor and go on a long-awaited adventure for everyone. Kill all the monsters on your way, collect treasures and train your «losers». Make them real heroes. Discover in them the potential that could not manifest itself. Become the one who was able to make legendary heroes from a bunch of «goons».

Download Almost a Hero - Idle RPG Clicker MOD free purchases:
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