Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt MOD coins 10.2.4 APK

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt MOD coins — Immerse yourself in sea battles, ready to become real pirates? Then connect rather to the game. Here you can discover 20 types of ships, which in turn can be pumped, discover uncharted islands, and also take part in sea battles with merchants, guards and pirates. Build robberies, recruit a team and upgrade your ship.

Features of «The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt»:
  • • Unlimited fleet size;
  • • Management of several ships during the battle;
  • • 5 videos of ammunition from cannonballs to buckshot;
  • • 30 improvements for ships;
  • • Character improvement;
  • • Over 100 ports and dozens of islands;
  • • Management of several bases, improvement and construction of buildings;
  • • The change of night and day;
  • • An exciting story company, as well as building a reputation in 5 nations.

Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt MOD coins:
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