Download Taps to Riches MOD money

Taps to Riches MOD money — Your city needs improvements in terms of modernizing buildings and improving the economy as a whole. In order for prosperity to come, you need to invest as much money as possible and they will certainly return in even greater volume. Improve what can bring you profit because the success of your project depends on this, turn your small city into the most prosperous metropolis of the planet. The game combines an economic strategy and a good clicker. Start from scratch, walk this thorny path to success. Invest in business, develop your town, hire more experienced advisers, open new industries and build an entire empire!

Money is added when shopping!
  • • Discover new cities, build your new business there;
  • • Over 100 advisors to help you expand your business;
  • • Invest everything in precious resources, they will help you earn even more profit;
  • • Buy and update real estate, save as much money as possible;
  • • Go beyond the possibilities and go to dominate other planets;
  • • At Taps to Riches, you will find tons of achievements and valuable rewards.

Download Taps to Riches MOD money: