Download Bomber Friends MOD free skins

Bomber Friends MOD free skins - Merry adventures for you and your friends with familiar to many Bomberman in a completely new version also with multiplayer support. Go through dangerous labyrinths without falling into the traps of players, place bombs and ambushes to destroy the enemy with a blast wave. Collect bonuses and coins, because they will help you in the future. If you were killed, do not despair, as only here players who were destroyed by an explosion can still thoroughly prevent everyone using spells.

Only the strongest will win and only one, so include your entire strategy and spare no one. Collect bonuses, ambush your rivals and beware of spells. Intrigue your friends, try to survive and get all the valuable rewards! Take part in different championships and fight against the strongest players. Upgrade your character with unique skins, make yourself unique and go into battle!

Download Bomber Friends MOD free skins: