Download Swamp Attack MOD money

Swamp Attack MOD money — You left everything and went to live in a swamp, but even here you cannot be left alone! All animals and swamp monsters want to survive you from their home, you can’t leave it like that, pick up a weapon and set the heat on them! You will have in your arsenal: shotguns, flamethrowers, machine guns, bombs, grenades and more — this will give you a big break! Shoot from your house and fight against the most dangerous bosses! Protect your swamp from the attacks of zombie monsters, develop a special strategy to survive the attack. Every second is important, use explosives, stuff the enemy with lead, upgrade your arsenal of weapons before each battle, and if you are injured, use a bottle of strong potion and go back to battle!

In Swamp Attack you will find:
  • ★ 8 dizzying episodes;
  • ★ 390 fascinating single levels;
  • ★ 40 cool multiplayer levels;
  • ★ Special fast game mode — it will be fun;
  • ★ Over 30 types of weapons from a shotgun to a machine gun;
  • ★ Over 45 types of dangerous monsters with a unique attack.

Download Swamp Attack MOD money: