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Sling Kong MOD coins - You penetrate into the wild jungle, far from there in the midst of plants, you can help to overcome the sweet little animal way to the top, it can be done is by using special hooks which attached Kong. On the way there are traps, and dangerous place, but you are here just to overcome it all and climb as high as possible to the intended target. Collect coins and power-ups falling on the levels, with the latest update of the game were funny characters, jellyfish, pigs, monkeys and others.
Protostar is one of the best developers on Google Play, and they tried to make a quality game, they turned out pretty good to combine an interesting and developing attention to children as well as adults to pass the boring time. Of course, graphics and sound in the game is not perfect but the main thing here is the story, and in a good mood, especially like children and adolescents. Developers even managed to put into play a certain excitement, gamblers enjoy particularly.

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