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The Sims FreePlay MOD money/LP — What could be better than your favorite sims? So this is what they are now available on the android platform! Create your sim, put him in the town and arrange his life as you would like! In this game, unlimited possibilities from witchcraft to a simple trip to the massage parlor! Create a family, find love and even raise a child. Get the desired work and education for the Sim, build your dream home, earn and relax as your heart desires.

Explore the big town of Simtown, complete tasks and discover all the secrets of this city. Start life from scratch, build your dream home and get an affectionate pet. Play by your own rules, write a story for your character, get to know all the inhabitants and go on a big trip! The Sims FreePlay is not just a game, it is a whole little virtual life that can bring about 100 unexpected turns. Start your life in a virtual town that will present you with a huge number of opportunities, do what you are really interested in, develop your character and play with friends!

The Sims application is a popular life simulator for Android devices. If you decide to download a hacked Sims, you will plunge into the life that is not available in the real world. Here you will find new interior items, maximum detailing, an updated age system and many other interesting elements.

Gameplay in The Sims

Having decided to download the hacked game The Sims Freeplay, here each player will first of all expect the opportunity to create their own character. The application provides a built-in editor with which you can change hair, skin color, hairstyle, facial features, weight, height and other parameters. The entertainment also offers a variety of visual effects to create the character you want to see.

Then everything happens, as in the standard entertainment version. The user needs to live, communicate, work, and interact with other characters. In this virtual world, you can not only fall in love, travel, marry, but also leave your own offspring.

Key features

Having decided to download the Sims hack, get ready for the fact that you will have to face the following features:

  • a change in the growing system - now age will depend on life experience, and not on the number of days;
  • for gifts, rewards and new hobbies, it is possible to remove sims. Until the moment you get tired of it, you can keep it in active mode;
  • the opportunity to participate in events held on the mobile version.

If you decide to download the hacked Sims game for Android, get ready for the fact that it will capture you for more than one week and not one month.

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