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Slender: The Arrival — Your friend named Kate decides to sell the house she inherited from her dead mother, but for some unknown reason she starts receiving very strange letters with horrible writings, in addition she develops terrible hallucinations, which make her run away from home. It’s up to you to go in search of your best friend and find out where Kate might be missing. Go to Kate’s house, look for any clues, find out who sent her those scary letters. Maybe the person who did this is still in this house.

Explore everything for clues, find auxiliary items and find out what’s going on here. The action of the game will take place in several locations: the house, the forest, the caves. Be careful, a lot of dangers and difficulties are waiting for you, pass them all to get to the truth. But what if they were not hallucinations and someone was watching your friend? That’s what you have to find out.

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