Download Helicopter Escape 3D MOD all skins open/money 1.13.1 APK

Helicopter Escape 3D MOD all skins open/money — Get ready for an action shootout in the name of saving hostages and hostages, all you have to do is shoot straight at the target. From the numerous arsenal of weapons, choose your favorite and do not stop the fiery resistance while your target is not safe. Salvation is the business of true heroes, show what you are capable of in the shooting and in heroic deeds. Proceed to the first task, save the girl from the hands of bandits, do damage with simple movements, with easy one-touch control, on targets and hit them with lightning-fast bullet hits.

Dynamic action with an endless fire story, the levels of which will progress all the time, surprise and throw you new challenges, and difficulties in their passage, which will make you a little tense, come up with new plans for shooting tactics on new enemies. On your way there will be different enemies, which will always have different features, they can be thieves, murderers and even the undead, threatening zombies eager to kill your hostage.

Fight your way through a huge, thorny shootout and show what you’re worth in unique levels that will amaze you with unusual shooting gameplay. Don’t stop firing your weapon, shoot anything that moves, anything that threatens the lives of innocent people, improve your arsenal of weapons, install new modifications, inflict fierce power on enemies with your pumped rifle.

Download Helicopter Escape 3D MOD all skins open/money:
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