Download Stickfight Archer MOD diamonds/coins/energy 1.61 APK

Stickman Master Archer MOD diamonds/coins/energy - Become one of the legendary archers, save your world from an invasion of evil. You are a skilled archer who has to defend the defenses of your tribe, which has been attacked by the enemy. Arm yourself with your bow and dash off to defend the defenses, aim straight at the target, two hits in the target will kill the enemy and a direct hit to the head is guaranteed to kill the enemy. Unleash your fury on your enemies, show off your skills with the new bow and arrow. Go on new quests that will lead you to new adventures and new battles with the enemy.

Beat the bosses to get special rewards, and don't forget to buy and upgrade your hero's equipment and new weapons, change your fighting style, because the enemies never sleep. In the new stage a new enemy is waiting for you, with a higher resistance to damage, to surpass him in strength and various characteristics set stones, sharpen weapons and change it for a rare bow with poisons, fire arrows, curses and more. Against each enemy there is a unique archer's weapon, get them all so you can meet the enemy with renewed vigour, on a new journey. Get ready for unexpected battles, try different game modes, both single player and local mode, where you and another player can start a battle together.

Download Stickfight Archer MOD diamonds/coins/energy:
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