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Supernatural City: Match 3 MOD free purchases - Meet the new puzzle game in the genre of three in a row, from the famous creators of Angry Birds. Here you'll plunge into the supernatural world that has become so commonplace for a girl named Ellie Delmar. When she lost her father, she was given truly supernatural powers, the ability to sense and communicate with the dead. Together with Elly Delmar, you can help and communicate with the souls of people and animals who left this world long ago, you can feel their presence. Using the gift you and Ellie will search for various clues and clues that will help unravel the mystical event. All those who would like to know more before the loved ones or the ghost itself has gone to another world. Proceed to investigate supernatural situations, it may be an abandoned house in which the ghosts of the owners live, valuable details in it hide a lot of secrets and facts about the past. Glue together the whole chain of events from found objects and things piece by piece. All this will help you unlock the secret of a new story, thus helping the dead and the living. Go through the mystical puzzle by sorting the items in a row, each level is a new challenge, a new puzzle that conceals a mystical denouement about yet another incident. Enjoy the game's addictive storyline as you progress through the levels, gradually clearing the way for the mystical stories to unfold. The game features an adaptive music system that will accompany you with every new achievement and discovery in the gameplay, making it incredibly intriguing and so mystical.

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