Download Join Blob Clash 3D MOD free improvements 0.3.48 APK

Join Blob Clash 3D: Mob Runner MOD free improvements — Welcome to Survival Race, a racing game under the absolute control of the laws of physics, accompanied by vivid 3D competition. Here it's up to you to lead your surviving army from point A to point B without losing a single marmalade along the way. Start the race in a straight line, dodging various traps like concrete obstacles, protruding blades and dangling pears. Gather an army of gummy men, joining them together in a final battle against a bigger opponent. During the course of the battle, each of your strikes will depend on how far the enemy has flown, earning you more rewards for pushing the enemy farther away on the measurement scale.

Decorate your character with a new look, set your favourite colour and upgrade your character to get the best results in the race. Improve your racing abilities to make the race perfect, setting records that surpass previous races. New levels bring more and more hazards, unpredictable obstacles and seemingly harmless fruit to your path, colliding with which will bring losses to your army of jellybeans.

Download Join Blob Clash 3D MOD free improvements:
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