Download Super Penguins MOD unlimited lives 2.5.4 APK

Super Penguins MOD unlimited lives — An ice island has been invaded by octopuses who are trying to ruin the lives of peaceful penguins. You, the hero penguin, have fast paws and are ready to go racing to save the other penguins from the octopuses. Start the race to save the captive penguins, use the handy controls to dodge the obstacles that come your way. Skate across icy expanses, perform tricks, sharp turns, navigate walking logs and dodge stumps and sharp boulders. Eat tasty fish throughout the race, rescue penguins along the way and be a hero in their eyes.

Discover more ways to speed up your races through the permafrost, use items to help you get past enemies, traps and other obstacles. Unlock new outfits for your penguin, try on a new look on the run, choose your favourite look for the game. Upgrade your character with upgrades, increasing your character's performance which will affect how you progress through the toughest stages of the race, achieving new and better results.

Download Super Penguins MOD unlimited lives:
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