Download Talking Puppy MOD coins 1.80 APK

Talking Puppy MOD coins - Funny casual game will introduce you to a cute talking puppy, which you can take care of and become the best owner and friend for him. The little puppy needs care and your care, keep an eye on his well-being and needs so that he always feels like a happy pet. Feed him by buying his favorite foods or spoil him with goodies, all at your disposal. Take your puppy to the toilet so he can do his needs on time, make sure that he was clean and well-groomed bathing him in the bathroom. The game has a large selection of different mini-games, they will give you the opportunity to have a great time with your puppy, playing your favorite game and controlling your pet, and thus you can earn game currency.

Buy and install play objects in the outdoor area, adding new fun and entertainment with which you, and your puppy, can get involved together. Build the perfect interior for your little friend, start decorating your home with home décor and turn it into a doggie paradise. Buy new outfits for your pup, try on images and find the one you think is right for your pet. Share your thoughts aloud with your puppy and he'll respond to you, only in a funny voice form. Play along enjoying the fun and endless playtime with a talking puppy.

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