Download Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game MOD invulnerability APK

Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game MOD invulnerability — A new adventure platformer with new automatic shooting mechanics and controls, challenges you to save all of humanity from invaders. Lots of exciting missions with incredible epic battle scenes, more than 100 kinds of enemy creatures and their bosses are waiting for you, an addictive cyber-art story that you will love.

Choose your hero from a large selection of classes, each with their own unique specialization in combat, and their own hidden talents that you will demonstrate on the battlefield with the monsters. Arm yourself with weapons and sturdy armor, assemble your squad of brave heavy metal soldiers to begin together to destroy all the creatures in your land. Automatic shooting has never been so exciting, you have a chance to show how tough shooter you are, passing a lot of stages and levels, automatically destroying monsters and dodging their deadly attacks.

Download Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game MOD invulnerability:
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