Download WindWings: Space Shooter MOD unlimited coins/diamonds 1.3.79 APK

WindWings: Space Shooter MOD unlimited coins/diamonds — Welcome to the world of the future, here technologies have reached a completely new level, and humanity has been surfing the vastness of space for a long time. But life in the future is not as calm as it seemed. Alien beings have guessed about the existence of life on Earth, about resources, as well as about technologies on it. They have gathered a whole army and are going to attack, you need to immediately start defending your planet!

You will control a spaceship, attack enemy spaceships, defending stations in space. You have the most deadly weapons in your arsenal, capable of destroying several dozen enemy objects at once. Dexterously maneuver between enemy ships and missiles, don’t let yourself be knocked out, collect upgrades and coins to further upgrade your spaceship.

Download WindWings: Space Shooter MOD unlimited coins/diamonds:
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