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Piggy Boom — Travel across the sky islands with the funny piggies, build your own fortress and try to destroy the enemy's. An unbelievable adventure awaits you in a heavenly kingdom inhabited by cute piggies, but they are cute only at first sight, because behind each muzzle lurks a terrible strategic plan to take over the islands! Get ready to be a part of the cutest game of capturing heavenly islands! But to start the battle, you’ll have to build your own base on one of the flying islands.

To build your base, you’ll need lots of gold, but where do you get it? That’s right, you have to get it! Attack the other pigs' buildings, earn lots of gold, and build your own base. But remember, just like you, your opponents can do the same, so don’t hesitate, defend your home and go conquer a new celestial expanse!

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