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Fruit Ninja - Imagine that you are an elite ninja cook and you are on a special task, you need to destroy as many fruits as possible. Join the fun action to destroy various fruits. You will have a very sharp sword in your arsenal, cut fruits, but do not hit the bombs, otherwise you will have to pay for it with your life! Be quick as the wind, cut left and right, earn points and open access to new swords. Be prepared for express levels where you have to show not only your dexterity, but also speed. Be careful, there are many traps and pleasant surprises awaiting you at the levels. Fight your way to the top of Fruit Ninja leaders, show who is really a master here. But if you want to prove yourself truly, then you are direct expensive to the tournament, where you will come face to face with a real opponent. Remember, in order to master the skill of the sword, you need to find enlightenment in yourself, be one with your mind, clear your thoughts, and only then you will move like the wind. Everyone who enters the game every day will receive pleasant prizes that can be used in different modes.

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