Download Ground Zero MOD unlimited ammo/resources/diamonds 1.3.09 APK

Ground Zero MOD unlimited ammo/resources/diamonds — The world after a fatal catastrophe, where you are one of the few survivors amidst the apocalypse that surrounds you. Death, zombie battles and massive injustice reign in a world where evil men have decided to use zombies as weapons and seize control of the apocalypse. Not only will you have to confront the zombies roaming around, but you will also have to take down a corporation that intends to consume the world under its sway with zombies. Saving the world falls entirely on your shoulders and the shoulders of the other survivors who intend to fight the chaos. Form a confrontation group to fight the zombies and the evil corporation together.

A gripping story with stylish battles and relationships in which you'll meet like-minded people, organise a safe space and form an alliance to survive together. Spectacular battles in which you and your team will move in close proximity to each other, explore the terrain and find craft items to create weapons, equipment and provide the alliance of survivors with everything they need. Explore and discover new terrains, in a new location you can find more essential items. The resulting resources will increase your chances of survival, but also threaten encounters with the infected.

Download Ground Zero MOD unlimited ammo/resources/diamonds:
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