Download Jump Sword: Merge Sword MOD unlimited coins/crystals 4.1 APK

Jump Sword: Merge Sword MOD unlimited coins/crystals — An action game with simple and straightforward controls, where players have to survive the chaos in the middle of the apocalypse. Play as a young princess in the fight against monsters, you have your faithful companion and protector against monsters, it is your weapon, sword in hand, which will become the main destroyer of evil in the world. Increase the power of your sword by combining two types into one, gaining an improved model that features a stronger, sharper blade and a new look.

Head into the dungeon, meet monsters on your way, swing your sword to clear the way for the final battle with the dungeon boss.On your way to the monsters, collect bonus items that can improve your sword, summon your entire arsenal of weapons to help you in the battle against the monsters. Defeating elite creatures will unlock hidden abilities in the current dungeon that will enhance the princess sword or give her a new ability. Immerse yourself in an endless adventure with a mission to save the world. Build a mighty sword that enemy creatures can't resist. Each upgrade gives you an incredible power you never knew you had.

Download Jump Sword: Merge Sword MOD unlimited coins/crystals:
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