Download Dead Fire: Zombie shooting MOD lots of ammo

Dead Fire: Zombie shooting MOD lots of ammo - Get into battle with the undead, open the season of hunting zombies, armed with rifles step into the action battle with the living dead. We have reached a new age of the dead, where the living do not reign on the planet, where the big cities are deep silence, waiting around the corner for the real bloodthirsty dead. Start a war with the dead, challenge yourself and all the chaos in the world, survive at all costs, and most importantly save the survivors, clean up the territory of the cities destroying the zombie crowd flooded vast areas. Take a rifle and open fire directly on the zombies, take up dangerous tasks in which the main objective to kill a zombie and survive, survive and continue to fight the chaos. Save people who are trapped, help them save their lives and survive the coming dead. Go to the camp where you and your team can work together to resist the monsters. Collect unique items and resources, thanks to the constant supply of ammunition you have something to defend yourself with, keep an eye on resources and purchase them from the camp as needed. With a unique improvement system, you can constantly upgrade your equipment and rifles, learn skills, unlocking new abilities of the hero. Configure the hero to the maximum, which has no limit of perfection, because the stages of new zombies are endless, new enemies and their bosses can always interrupt your rest. Use all the strength of the hero, equipment and weapons to worthily meet any complexity of the monster and slay it, receiving as rewards rare and valuable achievements and items that are sure to be useful in the survival.

Download Dead Fire: Zombie shooting MOD lots of ammo: