Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 - Tom and his friends have wasted no time and are now ready to burst in on you with a new adventure! Get ready to be a part of something really grand, because this adventure is full of new worlds, dangers and unexpected turns! Our old friends have managed to create a time machine and now they can travel through different worlds, but to fully explore all they need to run, and you can help them in this. Hurry up and jump into the open portal and go exploring the new era.

The road is too intriguing to run simply straight, each turn will conceal a bunch of challenges you'll encounter. Collect treasures along the way, discover new heroes, new eras, and onward to new adventures! And to last as long as possible, you can buy special running gadgets, open a new portal and teleport to the mysterious past, maybe you'll find a lot of interesting and mysterious things there.

Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2: