Download 백발백중 for Kakao APK

백발백중 for Kakao - A real pleasure to enjoy real-time battles with friends
- From 1vs1 to 4vs4 confrontation of the war to seize the other, to be achieved with a team of friends and progress!
- How fun authentic freedom of movement mode War II FPS
4 people in real-time mode raid team to win the big boss!
Now he has all the battles that you can imagine unfold in real time.
- It is easy to join a clan and start looking at the site of the most powerful clan!
- Up to 50 people! Mungchimyeon create stronger with the highest award of the Republic of Korea and Clan Clan.
- In no case will not miss the casting of compensation varies depending on the rank.
- Distributed in various maps and enjoy the fun mission geukgang solid history.
- Hero of fun without filling Mission / charging mode / Infinity / by Reid mode to mode pausing.I for you.

Download 백발백중 for Kakao:
DOWNLOAD APKv2.3.1 (25.6 Mb)
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