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Hungry Shark World — A fierce, deep-sea predator is on the hunt, who will be his prey this time? Get ready to become part of the great food chain, in your hands the fate of the most dangerous inhabitant of the deep sea — the shark. Seek out your prey and devour it without hesitation, increase in size and start hunting larger individuals. There will be 38 dangerous predators available to you and even the Great White Shark, all you have to do is eat a lot. When you get tired of hunting in the water, you can also have fun on land by summoning hunters, you’ll earn a lot more.

Discover new waters to hunt, but along with the new waters you’ll find stronger sea monster hunters, as well as stronger deep-sea individuals. In the waters you can also find hidden treasures, discover new passages, and even feast on very rare marine species. The game will delight you with a variety of food, also a large number of shark quests.

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