Download Zombie Hill Racing MOD unlimited money

Zombie Hill Racing - Earn To Climb: Apocalypse MOD unlimited money - Get ready to become part of a dizzying race, because this race is not for victory, but for survival. You will find yourself in a world that is completely plunged into chaos and was attacked by the walking dead.

Futile attempts to leave the horde of zombies did not lead to anything, monsters filled the whole earth, and only a few survivors were able to adapt to the harsh conditions of life. You will play in the role of one of the few survivors who did not give up hope and tries in every possible way to destroy the dead. In this mission, you will be helped by a huge vehicle, get behind the wheel and drive along the affected streets. Shoot down crowds of zombies, find resources along the way, improve your car.

In addition to ordinary zombies, you will meet stronger, mutated zombies on the roads, so you will need to buy a more powerful car. Drive around the cities, shoot down the dead, earn money and buy a new car.

Money increases with purchases!

Download Zombie Hill Racing MOD unlimited money: