Download Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour - Mario and his friends decide to crank up something new, they decide to have an extremely fun race. Join their fun team and start racing. There are no rules in the game, there is only a goal - to win by all means. Press on the gas and try to confuse the enemy, for this there is a mass of prohibited weapons in the game, use it and win. In addition, you will find a fascinating and colorful world with lots of new heroes, cars and maps for racing. Download the game and become racing champions!
  • Replenish the collection with racing cars, heroes and gliders - take part in extreme races, shoot down opponents, earn tokens and replenish your collection.
  • Have fun in the crazy world of Mario Kart - drive and destroy everything in its path, use weapons to bring down the enemy, use springboards and short sweats to win, drive under water or even in the jungle!
  • Participate in online races - challenge real players, earn points and advance on the leaderboard.

Download Mario Kart Tour: