Download Among Us MOD unlocked

Among Us MOD unlocked - A multiplayer game that will take you into outer space, where you have to launch your own flying ship. But not everything is as simple as it would seem at first glance. There will be one impostor among all the players, but no one knows about it. His task is to destroy the entire team, and the rest of the players will need to launch the flying ship and, in addition, look for the impostor. The team can also vote against the "mole", but you need to do it wisely, otherwise you can lose a companion.

If you suddenly find yourself in the place of the "mole", you can work together without giving away your intentions, or secretly arrange dirty tricks. The impostor's secret weapon is sabotage, thanks to which the impostor can wreak havoc and secure a lasting alibi. Only those who are smarter and cunning will survive.

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