Download Best Fiends MOD unlimited gems/energy

Best Fiends — Free Puzzle Game MOD unlimited gems/energy — Go to the fairytale land of Miniature and meet the kindest and sweetest bugs in the world. But their peaceful country was threatened after a meteorite fell on Thunder Mountain. The horrible disaster has turned all the slugs nearby into a gang of thugs, and now they're determined to take over all of Miniaturia and destroy all life around them!

Help the bugs defeat the slugs and prevent them from covering the whole world with nasty slime. Gather all your strength and attack your enemies. Connect the same plants and gather all the natural power, attack the slugs and get to Thunder Mountain. Destroy the leader of the slugs and end their evil intentions once and for all. Assemble the entire bug team and fight back against the slugs!

Download Best Fiends MOD unlimited gems/energy: