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Merge Tower Bots MOD unlimited stones - Epic action in the tower defense genre, a strategy that draws you in with its fascinating and simple gameplay. Your mission in this game is extremely important and does not tolerate its postponement, because you are honored to repel the attack of aliens, to protect the Earth in the usual mechanics of idle games. Defend the planet with the help of super technology, now they will be able to defend humanity, giving a decent response to the enemy, and all under your leadership. Create the first robot and set it on the battlefield, that's where all the dynamic battles will take place and create epic stories about how you have worthily defended freedom and peace on the planet. Each battle requires you to be better prepared, new hordes of enemies acquire new powers, which you should resist and instantly surpass in strength and power. By combining in two kinds of robots you get a new model, an improved robot with a new look, which will give out more power from its firearms. Place improved robot models on the battlefield, which will give decent damage to enemies and be able to fight off the next stage in dynamic battles. The game has a dynamic rhythm in the battle, under which you have to adjust, act quickly and instantly, in order to wrest another worthy victory from the enemy. Discover more and more new types of robots, defend the world from uninvited guests with dozens of the strongest robots. Defeat the next threat in the form of a boss and strive for new adventures. In entirely new cities, countries, fight back against enemies across the planet Earth, ridding it of the encroaching evil once and for all.

Download Merge Tower Bots MOD unlimited stones:
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